New Supermarket Chain Logistics Center

New logistics center for supermarket chain

The supermarket chain tegut… based in Fulda, Germany, has commissioned SSI Schaefer to build a new logistics center in Hünfeld-Michelsrombach, Hesse, Germany. With approximately 290 supermarkets in Hesse, Thuringia and Bavaria as well as in Göttingen, Mainz, Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg, tegut… is becoming more and more popular and is on a path of steady growth. … Weiterlesen

Flexible pouch sorter solution for e-commerce fulfillment

Flexible pouch sorter solution for e-commerce fulfillment

Changes in consumer and purchasing behavior are posing major challenges for many companies. Customers expect permanent availability of products and fast delivery to their doorstep. This increases the pressure on companies to more efficiently meet the ever more complex customer requirements. The need for automation with reliable technological and digital systems also rises, as orders … Weiterlesen

TechNet Revolution

Tokyo TechNet Revolution

Zentrale Aufgabe der Moderne Logistik gehört zur zentralen Aufgabe der Moderne. Während die Intralogistik die Bewegung von Gütern innerhalb eines Betriebes regelt, sorgt die Extra-Logistik für den Transport zwischen Unternehmen und Kunden. Die Solaranlagen werden immer beliebter, denn sie schonen nicht nur die Umwelt, sondern auch den Geldbeutel. Auch in der Landwirtschaft werden Solarcarports und … Weiterlesen

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